Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

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Title: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë


Jane Eyre is an orphan who endures a fair amount of misfortune in her life, yet she takes advantage of the opportunities that come her way.  By getting a good education, she is able to strike off into the world to start her own life.  She ends up as governess for a ward of Mr. Rochester, her eventual love interest.  Through some fairly radical circumstances, Jane and Mr. Rochester are separated, but eventually true love wins out, and they are reunited.  I have omitted a lot of the story, but this gives you the main gist of it.

My thoughts:

This is one of my favorite books.  I go back to read it every few years, as the urge strikes.  Whether for good or bad, I’m a sucker for classic stories that have a romantic twist to them.  This book fits that description, but it’s more complex than your typical love story.

The main characters in this book have a richness and depth that makes them truly lovable.  As you read, you actually begin to care about what happens to them.  I suppose that’s the mark of a good writer–they make you care about the subject matter.  Jane is the underdog, and you will probably find yourself rooting for her success fairly early on.

It’s satisfying to see a plain and rather ordinary heroine triumph over life’s adversities and find happiness in her relationships, as well.  Though Jane has been dealt a bad hand in life, she still has hope that things will turn out better and she’s willing to do what she can to secure some peace and happiness for herself.

I recommend Jane Eyre to all the ladies out there who like an old-fashioned romantic story.

Rating: 5 Stars

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