Nim’s Island by Wendy Orr

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Nim’s Island is about a girl named Nim, her dad Jack, Nim’s pen pal Alexandra, a seal named Selkie, and an iguana named Fred.  Jack is a scientist who studies all kinds of animals, but the animal that he likes to study the most is plankton.  When Nim was a little girl her mom was examining the contents of a whale’s stomach when some tourists bumped into the whale.  The whale was frightened, so it dived down.  Jack looked everywhere for her but the whale never resurfaced, so Jack gave up looking for her.  He went to live on an island that had not been mapped, which he called Nim’s island.  One day when Nim was older, Jack went out on his boat to study plankton.  While he was gone a HUGE storm blew his boat over and it sank.  Nim and Alexandra rescue him and everyone lives happily ever after, at least I hope so (be prepared for a long and VERY boring argument about whether or not they live happily ever after). Well Nim never found her mom, so that’s sad.  But Nim’s dad survives the storm so that’s happy.  So far the score is 1-1; let’s see what the next round will be like.  No one dies, so that is happy, but oooh it looks like bad is making a comeback.  Nim’s house is TOTALLY destroyed.  And the score is . . . 2-2!  This is it people, the final battle!  Only one will come out alive; who will it be? No one discovers their island and ruins it forever, so Yay!  Does bad have a comeback?  Nope, he does not. That’s it bubbas; that’s the game and the score waaaasssss . . . . . . 3-2. YES HAPPY WON, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!

Bubba says good-bye


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