Goodbye House by Frank Asch

Goodbye House

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Goodbye House is a simple book about moving to a new house. Baby Bear and his family have just finished packing the moving van, when he decides to go back into the house because he thinks that he forgot something.  He looks over the entire house and then remembers with his parents what the living room looked like when it was occupied.  Although the house is empty, it is full of their memories. His father takes him around to say goodbye to all of the different parts of the house, ending with the entire house.  They get into the moving van and drive away from their old house.

I think this is a great book for young kids who are faced with the prospect of moving.  Moving can be a scary and sad experience for them, so this is a nice book to share with kids who are feeling a little uncertain about the process.  As with all of Frank Asch’s books–the illustrations are simple, bright and charming.



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