The Color of Magic – TV Mini-Series 2008

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The hubby and I watched The Color of Magic last night.  Having recently read the book, I was better able to compare it to the movie.  The movie title is slightly misleading because it actually tells the story of both The Color of Magic and The Light Fantastic, though in abbreviated form.

The overall look of the movie is great–fantastic cinematography, great CGI, appropriate costuming, and spot-on settings.  You can tell that this is a very professional production.

It also has an all-star cast–Christopher Lee as the voice of Death, Sean Astin as Twoflower, Jeremy Irons as the Patrician, Tim Curry as Trymon, David Jason as Rincewind, and David Bradley (think Argus Filch) as Cohen the Barbarian.  I can’t rave enough about how well each part was played.  Death’s subtle sense of humor is to die for (pun intended).  Jeremy Irons’ role as the Patrician, though brief, is wonderful.  Tim Curry is just about the best ‘bad guy’ out there and he delivers yet again in this movie.

The original overall storyline is followed very closely, though a few parts are shortened or changed, and some lesser scenes are left out.  Since the plot is so complex, it would be nearly impossible to make any major changes to the story and still have it make sense.

If you love Terry Pratchett’s books, then I am quite certain you will appreciate this movie.  It is a well-executed treatment of the Discworld that really brings to life its unique places and enchanting characters.  It’s kind of like meeting old friends on the screen–heartwarming and endorphin-releasing.  If you haven’t read any Terry Pratchett, then this movie will seem completely fantastical to you, but that is exactly what it’s supposed to be.

Possible Objections:

  • The d-word is said several times.
  • One instance of “hell” as an epithet.
  • A whole lot of violence, some of it rather startling/up close.
  • A scantily clad dragon rider, and references to things of a sexual nature.
  • The part where Trymon is possessed could be rather frightening to some.


Rated: NR

Rating: 5 Stars


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