The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: Sweet Treats for the Geek in All of Us by Rosanna Pansino

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Title: The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook by Rosanna Pansino


Rosanna Pansino shares her recipes for a variety of amazing geeky foods.  These culinary creations will earn you serious cool mommy points!

My thoughts:

This cookbook is so much stinking fun!  It’s the kind of cookbook that you marvel at, thinking, I could never make that!  In reality, I’m sure it just takes willpower and time, but who has those?

Anyhow, there are several sections: Math & Science, Space, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Gaming, Tech & Web, and Geeky Treats.  Each section contains several recipes that somehow fit that category.  The types of recipes included are cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pie, gelatin, cake pops, sweet rolls, hard candies, crispy treats, cheesecake, s’mores, and a soda-ish beverage.  So, don’t get this book if you don’t like sweets.

In the front of the book, you’ll find some basic recipes for cake, cheesecake, etc. that are used as the base for the fancified culinary creations.  In the back, there are some templates that are required for various recipes.

This book is high quality, well-formatted, and has exceptional photography.  I highly recommend it to all geek and nerd types.  You’ll get a kick out of it and I hope that you’ll try one of the recipes, too!

Rating: 5 Stars

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Nerdy Mummies Cookbook 2




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