Inkspell by Cornelia Funke


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I just finished the second book in the Inkheart series, Inkspell.  I’ve found that I kind of waffled between getting absorbed in the story, and thinking that the reading was getting a bit tedious.  It’s was a like, not-like relationship.  The book starts out a little slow, but it does eventually find its groove and takes off running.

Mo, Resa, Meggie and Darius move in with Elinor and live a normal life for about a year before things start to go haywire again.  Dustfinger is read back into Inkheart by a man named Orpheus, a truly gifted reader.  His voice is like budda.  Orpheus fails to read Farid over along with Dustfinger, as he had promised, so Farid seeks out the others at Elinor’s abode.  He convinces Meggie to read the two of them into Inkheart, using the text that Orpheus wrote to transport Dustfinger.  The two of them find themselves in the Inkworld, and luckily they’re found by friendly people who make sure they get to Fenoglio.  Farid moves on and is reunited with Dustfinger, who has already reunited with his lady love, Roxane.  Back at Elinor’s, Mortola and Basta show up, bringing Orpheus with them so he can read them (minus Elinor and Darius) into the Inkworld.  Once there, Mortola shoots Mo, they find the Motley Folk, Fenoglio tries to play God with his story, war breaks loose, people are killed, etc.  There are too many events for me to recount.  Plus I’d rather you read it yourself.

Spoiler Alert!

Towards the end of the story, Farid is killed by Basta.  Dustfinger offers himself in place of Farid and dies.  Meggie reads Orpheus into the story at Farid’s request, so that he can hopefully bring Dustfinger back to life.  That’s where the story leaves off.  We shall see what happens in the next book.

Despite the slow start, once the book got going, I enjoyed it.  There are some characters who are easy to love (Dustfinger), and some who are easy to hate (Orpheus).  I like how some of the characters seem to be evolving and getting more complex.  Many new characters are introduced, which really strengthens the story.  I’m actually curious to see what happens in the next book–always a good sign when reading a book series.  The only issue I have is that on one page there is some bad language thrown in (the b*#!% word).  It seemed unnecessary and because of it, I’d recommend the book for older teens.  I’m a stick in the mud when it comes to exposing kids to swear words.

Possible Objections:

  • Lots of violence.
  • Bad language on one page, the b-word.

Rating: 3 Stars


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