Enslaved by the Desert Trader by Greta Gilbert

Enslaved Desert Trader

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I know, I know–it’s a romance novel!  I have very broad literary taste and it does include romance novels.  Gasp!  I got Enslaved by the Desert Trader via Harlequin’s reward program.  You earn points based on purchases, reviews, etc. and can turn them in for a free novel.

I chose a book from their Historical series because I enjoy history.  I’ve also been fascinated by ancient Egypt since I was a child.  This book spoke to my inner me.

Anyhow, this story revolves around Kiya (an orphan who has survived early adulthood by pretending to be a man), and Tahar (an orphan who was taken in by desert raiders).  They are both adults now and their lives intersect during a raid by the Libu against the Khemetians (Egyptians).  Tahar takes Kiya as his slave, not realizing that she is, in fact, a woman.

As he learns her true identity, his plans are altered.  Tahar plans to sell Kiya as a bride to a wealthy man in Nubia.  They experience trials along their route, however, and become attached to one another.  Through a series of rather spectacular events, Kiya and Tahar are separated and must endure their own trials of survival.  Will the two be reunited?  Read the book to find out!

So, here are the things I liked about this book.  The characters were well developed and likable.  Kiya is independent, plucky, resourceful.  Tahar is strong but compassionate, thoughtful and sacrificial.  Their relationship is given the chance to develop and deepen, based on believable interactions.  Also, the plot line itself is strong.  Things happen; people go places; other characters are involved.  That’s the kind of romantic story I enjoy–one that has a compelling story that is actually interesting.

I also felt like this story didn’t overdo the romantic scenes.  There were a couple of scenes with overt sexual descriptions, but nothing was crass or overdone.  The humanity of the characters wasn’t forgotten in the description of their physical intimacy.

Possible Objections:

  • Explicit sexual scenes

 Rating: 3 Stars

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