Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer


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Artemis Fowl is the first book from my Thrift Store Young Adult Reading Challenge.  Strictly speaking, not all of the books in this challenge are young adult books.  A couple of them are middle grade books, but I’m not overly particular in my classification of novels for young people.  If a person is under 18, I see them as a kid.  🙂


Artemis Fowl, child of a crime boss, is seeking a way to reestablish his family’s fortunes.  Though Artemis is only twelve, he’s a criminal mastermind and has plans to obtain gold from the Fairies.  Unfortunately, Artemis doesn’t know about Holly Short with the fairy’s LEPrecon task force–she is a fairy to be reckoned with!

My thoughts:

This book is definitely aimed at the younger preteen-teen crowd.  The story line is fairly simple, but I believe that some of the plot holes will be filled in in succeeding books.  The sections of the story which focus on Artemis and his employees were not terribly interesting to me.  It was probably because I don’t identify with Artemis’ life stage or inner thoughts.  This lady is not twelve years old anymore. 😉

I think the story really picked up and gained some charm when Holly Short and the fairies were introduced.  The characters were interesting, the banter funny, and the action started in earnest.  Holly and Commander Root were my favorite characters.

I won’t comment more particularly on the plot of the book (beyond what was said in the premise section) because there isn’t much I could say that wouldn’t give away the entire story line.  Although the book is simple, I am curious to see how Artemis’ criminal plans (and hopefully moral redemption) play out in future.

I wouldn’t recommend this book to preteens and teens, even though they are the target audience.  Some of the subject matter is, quite frankly, inappropriate for that age group.  I don’t think there is much here to interest adults, either.

Possible Objections:

  • The d-word (4x)
  • A bit of graphic violence
  • The protagonist is a child who engages in crime.  He’s selfish, greedy, deceitful, etc.

Rating: 2 1/2 Stars

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