The Dream Stealer by Sid Fleischman


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The Dream Stealer is a charming little story that I got to read with the kids before bed.  Though it has chapters, they are very short.  The story could be read before bed, or it’s even suitable for a child who is just starting to read chapter books.


The Dream Stealer is a Mexican entity who goes around at night stealing people’s bad dreams.  When he tires of dealing with the monsters in peoples’ dreams, however, he resorts to stealing pleasant dreams.  Susana, who had been having a wonderful dream about her best friend who recently moved away, wants her dream back.  This spirited young lady isn’t going to back down until the Dream Stealer returns it–even if she has to journey to his enchanted castle to get it!

My thoughts:

I think that this is a fun little book, with just the right flavor of Mexico to make it intriguing.  There isn’t much to the tale, but somehow it still manages to be charming.

Though there are monsters in the story, they aren’t scary.  We are told that they’re nothing more than the stuff of dreams and can’t really hurt people.  That’s a relief, as there are vampires, zombies and a giant locked up in the Dream Stealer’s castle!

I would recommend this book to elementary-age children and families who want a short read-aloud book.  It’s simple, but engaging enough to keep your child’s attention.

As a little added bonus, the illustrations are by Peter Sís, who illustrated Madlenka and many other children’s books.

Rating: 4 Stars

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