McBroom Tells a Lie by Sid Fleischman

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Title: McBroom Tells a Lie by Sid Fleischman


Josh McBroom and his large family live on an unusually fertile farm.  They can plant a crop and harvest it the same day!  Heck Jones, their jealous neighbor, wants their farm and in this book he tries to outwit McBroom to get it!  Will Josh and his family be able to save their beloved farm?

My thoughts:

This was another fun read-aloud book for the whole family!  The style of the story is countrified and nonsensical, but still very enjoyable.  I like seeing how McBroom’s family uses their ingenuity to overcome the problem with Heck Jones (who, by the way, is rather a low-life).

Throughout the book there are fun, simple line drawings by Walter Lorraine.  They add some whimsy to the story, for sure.

I recommend McBroom Tells a Lie to elementary-age children and families who want a short read-aloud book.  It would also be good for a child who is just starting to read chapter books.

A Favorite quote:

“His farm was so worn out he had to plant his own weeds.” (p. 9)

Rating: 4 Stars

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