Snow White: A Graphic Novel by Matt Phelan

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Title: Snow White: A Graphic Novel by Matt Phelan


Snow White’s mother dies and her father marries the “Queen of Broadway.”  Unfortunately, her stepmother is jealous of Snow White and tries to have her killed.  Snow escapes and finds shelter with a group of street boys.  When the “Queen” hunts Snow White down, her new friends come to her rescue.  Alas, they are too late and Snow is poisoned.  Have no fear–a handsome detective, Mr. Prince, comes to her rescue!

My thoughts:

My kids are big fans of graphic novels but many of their choices don’t appeal to me.  So I went on a search for some graphic novels that would catch my attention.  This book was really charming and rather a clever retelling of the traditional Snow White story.  It’s set in 1920’s Manhattan and the whole book has that 1920’s vibe to it.  The characters are reimagined in slightly different roles, but they still work well together.  I love the take that the author had on the dwarves.  As street boys they are so compelling–I just want to wrap them all up in a hug!

The illustrations were simple, but still really nice.  They do an excellent job of conveying a sense of the action and feelings, following a very natural flow.  The darkness and sort of smudged style of illustration ties in well to the 1920’s theme.

I recommend Snow White to anybody who enjoys a unique retelling of a fairytale.  It’s suitable for children, but adult fans will get a kick out of the book, too.

Rating: 4 Stars

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