A Pirate Cookbook: Simple Recipes for Kids by Sarah L. Schuette


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I love looking at fun cookbooks!  A Pirate Cookbook looked interesting, so I checked it out from the library.


This book contains several pirate-themed recipes that are perfect for kids to make.

My thoughts:

When this book says that it is meant for kids, they are not kidding.  Do not think of this as a book that you are going to pick up and plan a pirate-themed menu from.  No, no, no.  This is a book that you would give your early elementary-aged child so that they can make pirate-themed recipes.

The recipes are very simple and use basic ingredients and techniques.  Also, their classification as pirate-themed is questionable.  I don’t think young kids will care too much about it, though.  They’ll probably just be happy to have a cookbook at their level with a fun theme.

The beginning of the book features a conversion chart, and a section on tools and techniques.  I would be comfortable giving this book to my seven-year-old and letting her tackle a recipe on her own (with mom standing by, just in case).  The instructions are quite straightforward.

I recommend Pirate Cookbook to children in early elementary school or kids who are just starting to learn how to cook.  With a little practice they will quickly outpace this book, but this is a fun way to get started in the kitchen.

Recipes Included:

Gangplank Dippers, Chocolate Gunpowder, Scurvy Soup, Peg-Leg Pickles, Blackbeard’s Breakfast, Sea Swords, and Parrot Punch

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

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