Wild Eats and Adorable Treats: 40 Animal-Inspired Meals and Snacks for Kids by Jill Mills


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I love the cover of this cookbook!  Doesn’t it look so fun?  Wild Eats and Adorable Treats is a rare child-friendly cookbook which features HEALTHY recipes.


Instructions to make 40 animal-themed recipes.  Categories include: breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and treats.  Author shares how and why she started making these healthful and fun food treats–to tempt her own children to eat more fruits and vegetables.

My thoughts:

I really, really like this book and think we might add it to our own collection of family-friendly cookbooks.  The foods are appealing to children, the presentation is fun, and I won’t feel guilty about serving this food to my family.  Each recipe is based on a particular animal, includes tips and tricks, and facts about that particular animal.

The recipes use basic ingredients and mostly simple techniques.  Some of the instructions are complicated though, because there are exact cutting directions and/or precise food arrangement.  For this reason, I think it’s probably best for parent and child to work together, or for the parent to be on standby.  Also, make sure that you leave enough time to make these creations.  Some of them have somewhat finicky details, so don’t make them if you are pressed for time.

In the beginning of the book the author shares a short history about how she started making these healthy recipes, information pertaining to her blog, and why she thinks this kind of eating is important.  I can definitely relate to her desire to get her family eating more healthy!  If we made these snacks at my house, my kids would probably not be clamoring for junk food so much.

I recommend Wild Eats to families who want to incorporate more healthy food into their diets by getting artistic and playful with their food.  I think kids will have a great time paging through this book and picking out a fun recipe to make.

Recipes Included:

Breakfast: Chicken and Egg Breakfast, Whole Wheat Walrus Waffles, Birdy Breakfast, Cinnamon Bunny Buns, Doggy Oatmeal, Kangaroo Pancakes, Owl Breakfast, Pink Piggy Smoothie and Bagel Breakfast

Lunch: Panda Pita Pizza, Cow Lunch, Horsey Hot Dogs, Pigs in a Snail Shell, Crabwiches, Baby Birdy Egg Salad Lunch, Ladybug Lunch, Lion Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries

Snacks: Peachy Parrot, Gorilla Granola Bites, Foxy Fruit Snacks, Porcupine Pear Pretzel Snack, Penguin Fruit Snacks, Apple Owl, Froggy Fruit Snack, Sheep Snack

Dinner: Chili Cat, “Hippo”tato Soup, Mini Shepherd’s Sheep Pies, Penguin Black Bean Soup, Dinodilla Dinner, Mexican Stuffed Froggy Peppers, Puppy Pot Pies, Mexican Billy Goat Quesadilla

Treats: Mini Moose Mousse Cups, Beaver Brownie Bites, Turtle Turtle Cake, Koala Pretzel Pops, Beary Cute Cupcakes, Cheetah Cheesecake, Animal Cupcake Cones, Monkey Banana Bread Cake Pops

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

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Aesthetically speaking, this is my favorite recipe.  It is so cute!!


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