Super Mario Adventures by Kentaro Takekuma

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Title: Super Mario Adventures by Kentaro Takekuma


Mario, Luigi and friends go on an adventure to rescue Princess Toadstool.  Bowser wants to marry Peach and has taken her captive, with the help of his bumbling children.  As he’s planning the wedding, it’s up to Mario and Luigi to defeat Bowser and get the Princess back.  But she’s no shrinking violet.  This princess knows how to take care of herself!

My thoughts:

If you are a Mario fan, you will really enjoy this book!  It has ‘classic Mario’ written all over it.  The colors and illustration style are fun and true to the original franchise.  And the language used by the characters reminds me of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show cartoon.  It uses the same style of speech and I can hear the characters saying their lines in my head as I read.  Who could ever forget Toad’s voice?  Am I right?

The book was published in 1993, still during the time period when I feel like Mario remained very true to the original.  I’m nostalgic and enjoy classic Mario motifs more than the styles that dominate today.  This one was a big winner for me!

I recommend Super Mario Adventures to Mario fans everywhere.  It’s such a fun book and it really brings you back to the younger heyday of the Super Mario franchise.  It feels like being a kid again.  And for younger Mario fans, it’s a fun glimpse at what the stories used to look like when all the old fogies were kids.  😉

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

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