Favorite Book Criticisms #2

More of my favorite book criticisms!  Enjoy!

“I can’t imagine anyone wanting to read anymore about Artemis Fowl. He is a nasty, nasty little boy. The only way I’d ever like to read more about him is if the adventures involve him being given a good smack or two.”

Angie Manfredi

“The plot is full of holes if you’re the kind to bother about that sort of thing. It’s not likely you’ll have the energy to care about the holes, however, as you simply try to overcome plot elements such as a character using projectile flatulence as a weapon. (And I wish I were making that up.)”


“All in all, what a disappointment. I did not pick up this book hoping to hate it.”


“I can only assume that he needed some extra income to pay his sanitarium bill.”

Andreas Udby

“I read this book, only out of respect to my aunt’s money.”


“I got this for my grandkids but after reading it, I actually tore it up and threw it into the recycle. It’s that bad.”

Chrissy the Hyphenated

“Guys, i’m warning you, don’t read the book! Books are suppose to catch your attention, well this book did the opposite, I nearly fell asleep!”

Romance Lover566

“Oh and while we’re at it let’s have a protagonist who has the depth of a slice of cardboard.”

Colin Grimmett

“Unfunny at best, dull as dishwater at worst, this Artemis is truly more foul than fowl!”

A. D. Landau

“What the heck was he thinking when he wrote this booK? “let’s try and destroy 5 thousand years of mythology and fantasy, lets make dull characters and obsolet people out of fearies”…its horrible, dont buy it, i dont care about role models, i care about the destruction of fantasy……ban this book from everywhere…”

Maximiliano Schneidewind

“I can’t recall the last time I read a book where I wished the entire cast would get themselves killed somehow, to put them out of my misery. Misery, yes, that’s a good word. All of the characters were utterly miserable in their own noxious ways.”


“All I can say is this book winning so many awards compares to those tailors who made the emperor’s new clothes being praised for their fashion sense and style.”

Susan K. Schoonover

“Please don’t buy this book . It is a waste of your life.”



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