The Wild Smurf by Peyo

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Title: The Wild Smurf by Peyo

Notable: Book #21 in The Smurfs Graphic Novels series


When the Smurf village is devastated by fire and flood, they venture into the wild to replenish their food stores.  Unbeknownst to them, a wild Smurf follows them back to the village and their supplies begin to disappear.  When the thief is caught, Brainy Smurf makes it his mission to teach Wild Smurf how to become a contributing member of society.

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed the plot of this Smurf story.  Though the Smurfs think that Wild Smurf is dangerous, they find out that he has actually been living with the squirrels his whole life and has a warm relationship with them.  When Brainy saves Wild Smurf and one of the squirrels from drowning, they win Wild Smurf’s trust and become friends.  Smurfette becomes smitten with Wild Smurf and his strong muscles!  Also, Gargamel gets pummeled by him, and it’s good to see a Smurf who can hold their own against Gargamel.

This book also contains a short comic featuring the Smurfs called “School for Fairies,” and a preview of another volume by Peyo, Pussycat.  It stars a cute little black cat and the shenanigans he gets up to.

I recommend The Wild Smurf to kids and all fans of the Smurfs.  Another fun one!

Rating: 4 Stars

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