Snow White and the Seven Robots: A Graphic Novel by Louise Simonson

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Title: Snow White and the Seven Robots by Louise Simonson


Snow White is created to be the perfect ruler for Techworld, but the current queen is outraged that someone else might be smarter than she is and more qualified for the job.  In a bid to keep her position, the Queen has Snow exiled and eventually poisons her.  Seven mining robots watch over Snow White until her old friend, Doc, finds and revives her.  When Snow returns, she is crowned Queen and takes her rightful place as the planet’s leader.

My thoughts:

Last night in bed I read another book from the Far Out Fairy Tales series.  This one was about Snow White and it strays VERY far from the original story.  The story taking place in outer space is fine–I could deal with that.  The people having green skin is fine, too.  But the overall plot changes seem a stretch.  Snow White isn’t born, but created by a bunch of scientists as the perfect ruler for Techworld.  The current queen wants Snow out of the picture because she’s threatened by her intelligence.  To me it just seems to stray too far from the original.

The events in the story seem very farfetched and somewhat arbitrary.  I wish the story line had been tighter and more logical.  As it is, I would only recommend this book to kids.  It’s not satisfying enough for adult fans of the Snow White tale, in my humble opinion.

I recommend Snow White and the Seven Robots to kids who enjoy unique retellings of classic fairy tales.

Rating: 3 Stars

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