Can’t Smurf Progress by Peyo

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Title: Can’t Smurf Progress by Peyo

Notable: Book #23 in The Smurfs Graphic Novels series


While Papa Smurf is away, the Smurfs build mechanical servants to help with their work and to wait on them.  The Smurfs become lazy and entitled, while their servants do all the work without complaint.  Through a freak accident, one of the mechs gains consciousness and leads a revolution to break free of the Smurfs’ rule.

My thoughts:

The premise of this book was really inventive.  It’s pretty funny to see wooden tree stump servants gadding about, holding trays of food.  Not really what you picture when you think artificial intelligence.  It totally fits the smurf style, though.

This story makes you think about the way we’ve become lazy today and expect other people or devices to do for us what we could and sometimes should be doing for ourselves.  It also has something to say about the way that we should treat people who we have power over.  In the story the Smurfs have servants who would be classified as slaves if they were sentient beings, but the same principles could apply to a maid, butler, waiter or waitress, cashier, etc.  We should always treat people with kindness and respect, and be reasonable in our expectations of them.  In the end the mechs are destroyed and the Smurfs decide they’re better off doing their own honest work instead of relying on servants.

I recommend Can’t Smurf Progress to fans of the Smurfs.  I really enjoyed it!

Possible Objections:

  • One of the Smurfs tries to sneak a peek at Smurfette as she’s showering outside

Rating: 4 Stars

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