The Jewel Smurfer by Peyo

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Title: The Jewel Smurfer by Peyo

Notable: Book #19 in The Smurfs Graphic Novels series


Jokey Smurf is discovered and captured by a couple of street performers.  His performance earns them some really good money, but a thief in the audience wants to collaborate with them to get even more money.  He convinces them that they should take advantage of Jokey’s small size and have him steal jewels from the rich people in town.

My thoughts:

This story was kind of sad as far as Smurf stories go.  There’s kidnapping, robbery, duplicity.  The people are pretty awful.  The poor little Smurfs and an unfortunate mouse are at the mercy of the greedy humans, but eventually Papa Smurf comes up with a plan to foil them all.  The bad buys get what’s coming to them and the Smurfs go back to their village to celebrate the spring equinox.

The most objectionable part in the book is when the thief holds his knife up to the neck of Papa Smurf and the mouse, threatening violence against them unless the other Smurfs cooperate.  It’s not awful, but not really something you want your kids copying, either.

I recommend The Jewel Smurfer to fans of the Smurfs.  It shows a darker side to the human spirit than some of the other Smurf graphic novels.

Possible Objections:

  • The thief threatens violence against a mouse and a Smurf

Rating: 4 Stars

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