Alice in Wonderland: A Graphic Novel by Powell & Ferran

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Title: Alice in Wonderland: A Graphic Novel by Martin Powell & Daniel Ferran


Alice goes on a picnic with her sister, but becomes bored and falls asleep.  She has a fantastically outrageous dream about talking animals, a violent queen, and growing and shrinking.

My thoughts:

The story of Alice in Wonderland is totally bizarre and out there, and you shouldn’t expect anything different in the graphic novel.  Since this is a shortened way of sharing the story, the zany and nonsensical scenes seem to randomly follow one another.  From an adult perspective, the story seemed disjointed and strange (and I already know the plot), so I can imagine kids would be confused by it.

The artwork is very nicely done and I like how they visually represented each scene, but that’s not enough to make up for the seemingly pointless story.  I think Alice in Wonderland works better in its original form.  The story requires more words to try and make sense of the ridiculous events.

I recommend Alice in Wonderland to elementary-age kids who would like to learn the premise of the original tale without committing to reading a longer book.

Rating: 3 Stars

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