Smurfs Monsters by Peyo

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Title: Smurfs Monsters by Peyo

Notable: Unnumbered volume from The Smurfs Graphic Novels series


A collection of five Smurfs stories which feature monsters and/or wild creatures.  Includes: “Motro, the Forest Monster,” “The Golden Acorns,” “The Wild Carrots,” “The Ice Castle,” and “Bigmouth and the Lizards.”

My thoughts:

I thought this collection was just so-so.  The first story was a bit confusing because it brought in a new character (Mother Nature) and setting which I hadn’t seen before.  It seemed like the Smurfs weren’t really the main focus in that story.  I’ve come across other stories where the Smurfs are only involved tangentially, but I prefer the ones where they are the stars.

My favorite story from this collection is “The Wild Carrots.”  It’s such a humorous concept–carrots becoming overgrown and sentient when some of Papa Smurf’s potions are inadvertently dumped out on them while they’re growing in the ground.  The way they run on all fours to headbutt people looks so ludicrous!

Even though this isn’t one of my favorite Smurfs graphic novels, it’s still a fun read, especially for those who enjoy fantastical monsters.

I recommend Smurfs Monsters to fans of the Smurfs and to children.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

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