The Baby Smurf by Peyo

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Title: The Baby Smurf by Peyo

Notable: Book #14 in The Smurfs Graphic Novels series


A stork mistakenly delivers a baby Smurf to the village and everyone becomes attached to their new little charge.  When the stork returns some time later with a note stating that they made a delivery error, Grouchy Smurf escapes with the baby into the woods.  He braves all kinds of difficulties trying to care for Baby Smurf in the wild, but eventually realizes that he’ll have to return to the village for the sake of the baby.  Includes: “The Baby Smurf,” “A Smurfing Party,” and “The Weather-Smurfing Machine.”

My thoughts:

This is a really, really cute Smurf story.  Okay, most of them are, but this one takes it a step further by introducing a tiny Smurf baby!  I absolutely LOVE babies!  It’s fun to see how the different Smurfs try to cater to the baby and keep him happy with their various skills.  Even Grouchy, that eternal complainer, finds that he can’t imagine living without Baby Smurf.

“A Smurfing Party” is a funny little story about how Gargamel tries to crash a party hosted by the Smurfs.  He pulls an old rabbit suit out of a trunk and dresses up, thinking he has fooled the Smurfs with his clever disguise.  The joke is on Gargamel though, when the Smurfs play some practical jokes on him!

I recommend The Baby Smurf to fans of the Smurfs.  Happy Smurfday to you!

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

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