Smurf Soup by Peyo

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Title: Smurf Soup by Peyo

Notable: Book #13 in The Smurfs Graphic Novels series


In the main story, a giant named Bigmouth shows up on Gargamel’s doorstep and demands something to eat.  Gargamel feeds him, but when he’s eaten everything edible in the house and still wants more, Gargamel tells him he should try Smurf Soup.  Includes “Smurf Soup,” “Gargamel and the Crocodile” and “The Clockwork Smurf.”

My thoughts:

Bigmouth is a fun character and it’s fun to see the different ways the Smurfs try to pacify him while coming up with a plan to make Smurf Soup that won’t actually harm any Smurfs.  Papa Smurf’s plan is ingenious and it totally turns the tables on Gargamel and gets him in trouble with Bigmouth.

“The Clockwork Smurf” is another enjoyable Smurf story.  Handy Smurf builds a Clockwork Smurf to help him with work around the house, but Gargamel captures him and builds an evil replica.  This new Clockwork Smurf feeds the rest of the Smurfs a potion which turns them into ugly-looking little monsters.  Never fear — Papa Smurf cooks up an antidote and they give Gargamel a dose of his own medicine!

I recommend Smurf Soup to Smurf fans everywhere!

Rating: 4 Stars

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