The Smurf King by Peyo

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Title: The Smurf King by Peyo

Notable: Book #3 in The Smurfs Graphic Novels series


When Papa Smurf goes away on a trip, one of the Smurfs decides that they should vote to decide who is in charge while he’s gone.  This Smurf makes promises to the other Smurfs so they’ll vote for him.  When he gets elected, the power goes to the Smurf King’s head and his subjects start to regret their decision.  Includes “The Smurf King” and “The Smurfony.”

My thoughts:

This is quite a politically charged Smurf story!  Though the story is aimed at kids, any adult reading it will pick up on the subtle commentary made about any political system in which one person holds power over another.  The Smurf King ends up turning into a bit of tyrant and feels that he has the right to rule over the others.  He makes them build a grand palace and throws Jokey in prison.

Eventually the others become so frustrated with his high-and-mighty ways, that they defect to the woods to build a new village.  They no longer want a King to rule over them, and pretty soon Papa Smurf returns and puts everything to rights again.

I recommend The Smurf King to fans of the Smurfs.  If you enjoy political commentary, this is a fun way to get a dose of it!

Rating: 4 Stars

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