The Smurf Apprentice by Peyo

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Title: The Smurf Apprentice by Peyo

Notable: Book #8 in The Smurfs Graphic Novels series


The main story is about a Smurf who sees Papa Smurf’s awesome ability to make magical things happen with his laboratory concoctions, and wants to do magic himself.  Includes “The Apprentice Smurf,” “Smurf Traps” and “The Smurfs and the Mole.”

My thoughts:

In the first story, the unlucky Apprentice Smurf tries out some magic he stole from Gargamel, not knowing what he’s made, and ends up turning himself into a lizardy Smurf.  The poor guy goes back to Gargamel’s to try and find an antidote, but is captured.  Of course, the rest of the Smurfs come to the rescue and they figure out a way to return him to his former blue cuteness.  🙂

In “Smurf Traps” Gargamel actually uses his noodle to devise some traps that are irresistible to the Smurfs.  Brainy is targeted with a giant book, Jokey with a wrapped gift, and Greedy with an enormous cake.  Papa Smurf finds a way to rescue his little Smurfs and entices Gargamel into a trap of his own.

I recommend The Smurf Apprentice to Smurf fans everywhere!

Rating: 4 Stars

Until next time…


And yes, I did take a picture of the book in a hole in our wall–courtesy of the previous occupants!


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