The Aerosmurf by Peyo

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Title: The Aerosmurf by Peyo

Notable: Book #16 in The Smurfs Graphic Novels series


In the main story, the Flying Smurf finally comes up with a plan that will allow him to fly–an airplane!  He gets to put his piloting skills to use when Smurfette is captured by Gargamel and Flying Smurf stages a rescue.  Includes “The Aerosmurf,” “The Masked Smurf,” “The Firesmurfs,” “Gluttony and the Smurfs,” “The Smurf and his Dragon,” and “Jokey Smurf’s Pranks.”

My thoughts:

This book contains several different Smurf stories, but my favorite would probably be “The Masked Smurf.”  One of the Smurfs dresses up in a mask and cape and plays pranks by throwing a pie in the other Smurf’s faces.  He even goes so far as to solicit requests for Smurfs to pie.  Papa Smurf gets to the bottom of the mystery by putting white ink on his request and then he checks the Smurfs’ hands to see which one is covered in ink.

All of the stories in this volume are enjoyable, and it’s one of the more strongly entertaining Smurf graphic novels.  Great for kids!

I recommend The Aerosmurf to all Smurf fans!

Rating: 4 Stars

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