The Smurfette by Peyo

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Title: The Smurfette by Peyo

Notable: Book #4 in The Smurfs Graphic Novels series


In this volume we learn about the origin of Smurfette and witness a Smurf famine.  Includes “The Smurfette,” and “The Hungry Smurfs.”

My thoughts:

I’m so sad to say that this is probably my least favorite Smurf graphic novel.  Boohoo!  I love Smurfette, but her origin tale is messed up!  Most Smurf fans know that the original Smurfette was made by Gargamel to sow discord in the Smurf village.  Though she isn’t evil, she is annoying in her original form.  She also looks a little frumpy, with a simple dress and stringy black hair.  When Smurfette complains about her looks, Papa Smurf comes up with a potion to beautify Smurfette.  Once she’s pretty, the rest of the Smurfs bend over backwards to do her will, even when her requests are dangerous and ridiculous.

The underlying message in this story bugged me so much!  The original Smurfette is “ugly” and annoying.  The male Smurfs see her as a nuisance because she can’t stay out of their business, talks all the time, and tells them what to do.  When she becomes pretty, she’s still portrayed in an unfavorable light as being manipulative, subversive and self-serving.  Either way, Peyo paints the sole female character in a very unflattering light and it feels like he’s making a broad commentary on the female race as a whole.  It felt sexist to me and I couldn’t really enjoy the story.

I recommend The Smurfette to fans of the Smurfs who want to know where Smurfette came from!

Possible Objections:

  • A male chauvinist flavor to the story

Rating: 3 Stars

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