We are the Book Buffoons–a family of seven who read books like they’re going out of style.  See what we’re reading–the good, the bad and the non-aesthetically pleasing.


Hermit the Crab–Dad

Lori–Mom to this unruly clan of bibliophiles.  I enjoy baking and sleeping.  Don’t sleep while you’re baking, though.  That’s asking for trouble.  My favorite activity is to curl up on the couch with a good book and a hot cup of tea.  My favorite genres are children’s books, young adult novels, biographies, historical non-fiction, Christian lit, classical lit, sci-fi and fantasy, and a variety of topical interests.

Bubba–Son #1.  Hi, my name is Bubba.  I like to ride my bike and play video games.  I love Minecraft!  I like the Rangers Apprentice books. My favorite types of books are adventure, fiction and science fiction.  I also like to go to the library–I would go to the library every day if I could.  My favorite school subjects are reading (duh!), some math and writing. Bubba is done! Yay–now I am done typing! Wait, what?!  Who did all of this?!  Arrrrggghhh!!  Now I have to undo all of this.  Blarg!  Now I am done; good-bye.

Slime–Son #2.  My name is Slime.  I like pizza and pop.  I also like video games and Pokémon.  Encyclopedia-type books are my favorite reading material.  Now bye–eat my dust!  P.S. Don’t read this.

Jewls–Daughter #1.  I love dancing and reading.  My favorite books are about Strawberry Shortcake and Dora.

Shorty–Daughter #2.  I like to color, eat, dance and look at rainbows.  My favorite books are about princesses and ballerinas.  My favorite colors are pink and purple, and my favorite food is gum.

Daisy–Daughter #3.  I like to eat, sing, dance, read and be silly.  My favorite books are about the movie Frozen.  My favorite food is chocolate and my favorite color is purple.


2 Responses to About

  1. Cozy blog you have here!! You love tea…I love books and I see my friend Jane everywhere here ;o) I look forward to here more! Cheers form Ohio, Johanna

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