Standing Small: A Celebration of 30 Years of the LEGO Minifigure by Nevin Martell

Standing Small-w

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Son number two loves this reference book!  Standing Small is a book that really celebrates the LEGO minifigure–for all those addicted to collecting them.  (That would describe our boys!)  It starts with the origins of the minifigure, and then shows figures from some of the major series.  This includes Star Wars, Knights, Space, City, etc.

With some of the figures they show how they changed throughout the years.  That’s interesting to see.  There’s also a double-page spread in the back that shows some fan-built minifigures.

I would recommend this book for those who are obsessed with LEGOs, like my boys are.  This book is by no means exhaustive, but it is a fun addition to any LEGO library.

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I Love That Minifigure by Jen Anstruther, Jonathan Green, Kate Lloyd, and Simon Guerrier

Love That Minifigure

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I Love That Minifigure is another sturdy LEGO reference book to add to the collection of LEGO fans everywhere!  It highlights some of the rarest and most interesting LEGO minifigures produced throughout the years.

There are eleven sections in the book: Everyday Heroes, You’re History!, Out of This World, You’re My Hero!, Spooky and Scary, The World’s a Stage, One of a Kind, Wild at Heart, Rotten Rogues, We Have the Power!, and All-Time Icons.  Each page in a section shows one minifigure and gives interesting information about that figure.

As with all the other LEGO books, it’s well-designed and a pleasure to peruse.  Another great book for LEGO fans!


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The Berserker & Slime

LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded by Hannah Dolan, Elizabeth Dowsett, Clare Hibbert, Shari Last, and Victoria Taylor

LEGO SW Character Encyclopedia

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LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia is an updated version of the previous book by the same title (minus the updated and expanded part).  It is a fun book for any child (or adult) who is really into LEGOs and Star Wars.  My boys love it!

It details each of the Star Wars minifigures that have come out through the years.  Each page contains the kind of trivial facts that LEGO Star Wars fans will enjoy and appreciate.  The photography and book design are great.  The only problem is that the binding tends to split rather easily because of the insert in the front that holds the exclusive minifigure.

If you buy it new, it comes with an advanced version of the white Boba Fett minifigure.

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Great LEGO Sets: A Visual History by Daniel Lipkowitz with Kathryn Hill, Helen Murray & Rosie Peet

Great Lego Sets

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Great LEGO Sets: A Visual History is a great reference book for LEGO fans, that comes with an exclusive micro-scale space cruiser.  We just checked out our copy from the library, so we didn’t get to try out the set.  😦

This is a very visually striking book that is brimming with awesome LEGO sets through the years.  It goes from the 1950’s through the present time (2010’s).  The beginning of the book contains a timeline, which is followed with a section on how a LEGO set is made.  In each decade’s section you get a bit of information about the direction that LEGO pursued and see some key sets from that time period.  On each set’s page, you learn some interesting information about that particular one.

The thing that I like best about this book is that it’s LEGO, LEGO, LEGO!!!  I recommend this book for LEGO fans of all ages.


Slime & Lori

LEGO Legends of Chima: Character Encyclopedia by Beth Landis Hester and Heather Seabrook

Chima Encyclopedia

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LEGO Legends of Chima: Character Encyclopedia is a kids reference book with lots of pictures that is all about LEGO Chima.  It has a lot of information that fans would want to know about LEGO Chima characters and vehicles.  This isn’t about all of the Chima sets or the buildings.  The book also comes with an exclusive Firox minifig.  I think Chima fans will really like it!

It’s good for school-age kids and doesn’t have anything objectionable in it.




LEGO Minifigure Year by Year: A Visual History by Gregory Farshtey with Daniel Lipkowitz

Lego MinifigsThis post contains an affiliate link.

LEGO Minifigure Year by Year: A Visual History is a book about LEGO minifigs from the years 1978 to 2013.  What I like about it is the cool LEGO guys.  There are lots of unique LEGO guys.  I think it would be best for kids.




Lori — This is just the kind of book that my son loves–lots of photos and encyclopedia-type entries.  The photos are crisp, colorful and engaging.  The contents are formatted very nicely, and a lot of information is shared in the concise text.  I would give this a big thumbs-up for all LEGO fans, whether a child or adult.  It’s just really fun to see the variety of minifigures throughout the years.