The New Baby by Mercer Mayer

New Baby-w

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The New Baby is another book that I enjoyed as a kid.  In fact, this is the very copy that I read back then, with my name printed inside the front cover.  I loved, loved, loved this book.  Maybe it was because of the cute baby, maybe it was the fun illustrations, maybe it was the goofiness of it.  Or maybe a combination off all three.

In this book Critter gets a new baby sister.  He tries to interact with her, but discovers that there are many things she isn’t able to do yet.  However, he also discovers that she can do some fun things like cuddle, laugh, and go for a walk in her stroller.  At first Critter is a bit put off by her stinky diapers and crying, but he learns that babies can be enjoyable, too.

This is a good book for a child who is expecting a new baby in the house.  The text is very short and the pictures are great!

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The Complete Book of First Experiences by Anne Civardi

First Experiences

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The Complete Book of First Experiences is a fun book about many new experiences that kids may have.  It has stories about going to the hospital, going to the doctor, going to school, going to the dentist, having a baby, moving, getting a new puppy, going on a plane, and going to a party.

The illustrations are by Stephen Cartwright and they are so cute.  They have a lot of detail and are really fun to look at.  There’s also a little yellow duck for you to find on each two-page spread.

I like this book because it’s fun and exciting.  It’s good for preschool up to school-age kids.

Possible Objections:

  1. In the story about the new baby, the mom is shown breastfeeding her baby.  You can’t see a lot, but some people may not be comfortable with their child even knowing about how breastfeeding works.
  2. In the story about the party, some of the children are wearing Halloween costumes that some parents may not like (i.e. witch, vampire, ghost, monster).