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My husband introduced me to the wonderful realm of Discworld some years ago.  I had never heard of Terry Pratchett and at first his books struck me as somewhat odd.  What exactly were these books?  They were definitely fantasy, but unlike any fantasy I had ever read.  I soon discovered that this was a magical and wondrous world, and I wanted to discover all of its delightful secrets.  If you are a fan of English humor and fantasy books, you will love the Discworld novels.  They are simply brilliant!

We are in the process of trying to build a complete set of Pratchett’s books, but they are not as easy to come by here in the States.  Also, I like to add to my book collection by finding the odd book at a thrift sale or Goodwill.  It’s like finding hidden treasure.  The few times I have found one of Pratchett’s books at Goodwill, I’ve wanted to start running through the aisles, waving the book around for everyone to see and shouting out my exultation.  Sweet, sweet victory!  I refrain, though.  Who wants to get carted off by the police because you got overly excited about a book, y’know?

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♥ = we own the book

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Discworld Novels in Order:

  1. The Color of Magic
  2. The Light Fantastic
  3. Equal Rites
  4. Mort
  5. Sourcery
  6. Wyrd Sisters
  7. Pyramids
  8. Guards! Guards!
  9. Eric
  10. Moving Pictures
  11. Reaper Man
  12. Witches Abroad
  13. Small Gods
  14. Lords and Ladies
  15. Men at Arms
  16. Soul Music
  17. Interesting Times
  18. Maskerade
  19. Feet of Clay
  20. Hogfather
  21. Jingo
  22. The Last Continent
  23. Carpe Jugulum
  24. The Fifth Elephant
  25. The Truth
  26. Thief of Time
  27. The Last Hero: A Discworld Fable
  28. The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents
  29. Night Watch
  30. The Wee Free Men
  31. Monstrous Regiment
  32. A Hat Full of Sky
  33. Going Postal
  34. Thud!
  35. Wintersmith
  36. Making Money
  37. Unseen Academicals
  38. I Shall Wear Midnight
  39. Snuff
  40. Raising Steam
  41. The Shepherd’s Crown

For Younger Readers:

  1. Dodger
  2. Dodger’s Guide to London
  3. Dragons at Crumbling Castle
  4. Johnny and the Bomb
  5. Johnny and the Dead
  6. Nation
  7. Only You Can Save Mankind
  8. The Abominable Snowman
  9. The Bromeliad Trilogy (Truckers, Diggers, Wings)
  10. The Carpet People
  11. The Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner
  12. Where’s My Cow?

Other Titles:

  1. A Blink of the Screen
  2. A Slip of the Keyboard
  3. A Tourist Guide to Lancre: A Discworld Mapp (also by Stephen Briggs)
  4. Death’s Domain: A Discworld Mapp
  5. Good Omens (also by Neil Gaiman) ♥
  6. Guards! Guards!: The Play (also by Stephen Briggs)
  7. Maskerade: The Play (also by Stephen Briggs)
  8. Mort: The Play (also by Stephen Briggs)
  9. Mrs. Bradshaw’s Handbook: To Travelling Upon the Ankh-Morpork & Sto Plains Hygienic Railway
  10. Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook
  11. Seriously Funny: The Endlessly Quotable Terry Pratchett
  12. Shaking Hands with Death
  13. Small Gods: A Discworld Graphic Novel (also by Ray Friesen)
  14. Strata
  15. The Art of Discworld (also by Paul Kidby) ♥
  16. The Compleat Ankh-Morpork: City Guide
  17. The Compleat Discworld Atlas
  18. The Dark Side of the Sun
  19. The Discworld Mapp (also by Stephen Briggs) ♥
  20. The Folklore of Discworld (also by Jacqueline Simpson)
  21. The Long Earth
  22. The Long War
  23. The Long Mars
  24. The Long Utopia
  25. The Long Cosmos
  26. The New Discworld Companion (also by Stephen Briggs) ♥
  27. The Pratchett Portfolio
  28. The Science of Discworld (also by Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen)
  29. The Science of Discworld II: The Globe (also by Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen)
  30. The Science of Discworld III: Darwin’s Watch (also by Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen)
  31. The Science of Discworld IV: Judgment Day (also by Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen)
  32. The Streets of Ankh-Morpork Mapp (also by Stephen Briggs) ♥
  33. The Unadulterated Cat
  34. The Unseen University Cut-Out Book (also by Alan Batley & Bernard Pearson)
  35. The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld
  36. The World of Poo
  37. Turtle Recall: The Discworld Companion. . .So Far (also by Stephen Briggs)
  38. Wyrd Sisters: The Play (also by Stepehn Briggs)

Discworld Books by Other Authors:

  1. The Authorized Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Magazine from SFX ♥


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The Color of Magic – TV Mini-Series 2008

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The hubby and I watched The Color of Magic last night.  Having recently read the book, I was better able to compare it to the movie.  The movie title is slightly misleading because it actually tells the story of both The Color of Magic and The Light Fantastic, though in abbreviated form.

The overall look of the movie is great–fantastic cinematography, great CGI, appropriate costuming, and spot-on settings.  You can tell that this is a very professional production.

It also has an all-star cast–Christopher Lee as the voice of Death, Sean Astin as Twoflower, Jeremy Irons as the Patrician, Tim Curry as Trymon, David Jason as Rincewind, and David Bradley (think Argus Filch) as Cohen the Barbarian.  I can’t rave enough about how well each part was played.  Death’s subtle sense of humor is to die for (pun intended).  Jeremy Irons’ role as the Patrician, though brief, is wonderful.  Tim Curry is just about the best ‘bad guy’ out there and he delivers yet again in this movie.

The original overall storyline is followed very closely, though a few parts are shortened or changed, and some lesser scenes are left out.  Since the plot is so complex, it would be nearly impossible to make any major changes to the story and still have it make sense.

If you love Terry Pratchett’s books, then I am quite certain you will appreciate this movie.  It is a well-executed treatment of the Discworld that really brings to life its unique places and enchanting characters.  It’s kind of like meeting old friends on the screen–heartwarming and endorphin-releasing.  If you haven’t read any Terry Pratchett, then this movie will seem completely fantastical to you, but that is exactly what it’s supposed to be.

Possible Objections:

  • The d-word is said several times.
  • One instance of “hell” as an epithet.
  • A whole lot of violence, some of it rather startling/up close.
  • A scantily clad dragon rider, and references to things of a sexual nature.
  • The part where Trymon is possessed could be rather frightening to some.


Rated: NR

Rating: 5 Stars


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The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett

The Color of Magic 1This post contains an affiliate link.

Let me just start out by saying that my husband and I are both Terry Pratchett fans.  I know that his books are not everyone’s cup of tea.  It really takes a certain type of person to appreciate his books.  You have to appreciate English humor, especially its subtlety.  You should be a fan of fantasy literature, and it helps if you’re a bit of a geek.  If you fit those requirements, I highly recommend his writing to you.

The Color of Magic is the first in the Discworld series of books about a fantasy land and a wide cast of unique inhabitants.  This land isn’t really restricted by things like gravity, probability, absolutes of time and space, etc.  It’s a fantasy world that does not take itself seriously and which can change in the blink of an eye.

Since this is the first book in the series, you should expect it to be less polished than later books.  While I did enjoy it immensely, I can see how the story doesn’t flow quite as smoothly as others that I’ve read.  The plot seems somewhat disjointed and the sheer number of characters and places introduced can be bewildering, as well.

If you’re a Pratchett fan, read the book anyway.  If you want to be a Pratchett fan–read it.  If you want to follow the advice of a total stranger–read it.

Let me know what you thought of the book!

Possible Objections:

  1. Lots of violence–it’s how many issues are solved.
  2. There are plenty of allusions to things of a sexual nature.
  3. One kingdom is full of barely clothed people.

Rating: 4 Stars

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