5 Literary Gift Ideas – #2

Here’s my second installment of hand-picked literary gift ideas!  The last item, the arm warmers, are something that I use when reading in the winter months. For a person with poor circulation, these are a godsend when reading!

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I Have Too Many Books T-Shirt

Magnetic Bookmarks – Crazy Cats

Stickmen Bookends

Rainbow Bookshelves Mug, 11 oz.

Knitted Long Arm Warmers


5 Literary Gift Ideas – #1

I’m starting a new series of posts, probably monthly, to showcase some really fun gift ideas for people who love books and reading.  (Like myself!)  I hope that these posts will be helpful for those of you who have a tough time finding thoughtful gifts for your book-loving friends and family.  Enjoy!

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Just Clip it! Quote Bookmarks – I LIKE BIG Books, BIbliophile, GO AWAY, I’m reading

Agate Geode Halves Bookends

Purple Women’s Hard Eyeglasses Case & Bonus Cleaning Cloth

A Room Without Books 18 X 18 Cotton Pillowcase Cover

I LIKE TO PARTY – Two Tone Black Mug, 11oz.

Wish Upon a Birthday by Norma Q. Hare

Wish Upon A Birthday

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Wish Upon a Birthday is a cute book about a servant boy named Gabe who needs to give a birthday present to the princess, but he doesn’t have any money to buy a gift.  Gabe’s cat does a service for the miller by killing the mice that are plaguing him, so the miller gives Gabe some flour.  Through a series of trades, Gabe ends up with all of the ingredients he needs to make a cake.  In the end, he makes a birthday cake for the princess and it is the gift she likes best.

The pictures are colorful, detailed, and charming.  Slime likes this book because of the birthday cake.  Yummy!


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