September 2017 Book & Leggings Haul


This month I have books and leggings to share with you.  My little sweetie wanted to be in the haul picture with me, so there she is making a silly face!


Star Wars ABC-3PO: Alphabet Book by Calliope Glass & Caitlin Kennedy


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Star Wars ABC-3PO was lounging on the “new” shelf at our library.  It is Star Wars and it’s a kids book–so I had to check it out!


Each letter of the alphabet features a Star Wars character–some well-known, others somewhat obscure.  Short rhyming verses tell you a bit about the characters and there is a cute illustration on each page.

My thoughts:

As a Star Wars fan, I think this book is super cute!  It’s a fun way to introduce the characters and story elements to young kids, while keeping it at their level.  My girls aren’t at the age yet where they can watch Star Wars movies, but they can get a head start by reading this book.  The illustrations make the characters look like they belong in a children’s cartoon show–all big eyes and general cuteness.

It’s also commendable that they are trying to teach little kids their ABC’s.  It’s not just another book of fluff, but it actually serves a purpose.  That’s always refreshing to see.

I recommend ABC-3PO to Star Wars fans who want every conceivable themed item, but more importantly to those who now have their own kids.  It’s a fun, nostalgic way to teach your kids their ABC’s and introduce them to the Star Wars world at large.  Happy reading!

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Yoda in Action by Heather Scott

Yoda Action - w

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Slime wanted to post this book because he really enjoyed it.  Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Yoda in Action! is best for kids who are learning to read alone.  The length is somewhere between a picture book and a chapter book.

The story involves Yoda and Asajj Ventress in an adventure on a moon called Rugosa.  They are meeting with the Toydarians to help establish a treaty that would allow them to build a base in their star system.  However, nasty Dooku tries to ruin their plans by attacking with a bunch of battle droids.  Of course, Yoda wins.

This book isn’t grand literature by any means, but it is a way to get kids reading.  😉

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Slime & Lori

Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi: Death on Naboo by Jude Watson

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We also read Death on Naboo, another novel in the Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi series that we thoroughly enjoyed!

Ferus is now in prison, slowly wasting away, but still trying to plan his escape.  He learns that a former acquaintance of his, Clive, is also imprisoned and has been planning an escape for some time.  Together the two of them make a last-ditch effort to gain their freedom.  Meanwhile, Ferus’ accomplices are also planning to break him out of prison.  Their escape and rescue plans happen to overlap and they accidentally meet up and are able to work together to escape.

Naboo, Padmé’s homeworld is in the Empire’s sights as a world to be taken over.  Against the rules of the Senate, the Empire has been stocking weapons in one of Naboo’s main hangars.  Ferus travels to Naboo to keep Malorum from finding out the secret that he so desperately seeks.  He wants to destroy Darth Vader with it, but Obi-Wan warned Ferus that if that is allowed to happen, the future of the galaxy would be in great peril.  Malorum must be stopped!

Malorum makes it to Naboo and coerces the secret of Padmé’s babies from her grandmother.  Because of a staged power-outage he isn’t able to transmit the information and must carry it himself.  During the staged accidental explosion of the hangar (by Ferus’ accomplices and Naboo’s forces), Ferus confronts Malorum and the two duel.  Ferus is the better opponent and defeats Malorum, whose secret goes to the grave with him.

We very highly recommend the books in this series!  They rock!

Rating: 4 Stars

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Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi: Underworld by Jude Watson


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I’ve gotten a little behind on our Star Wars chapter books.  We finished Underworld some time ago, and I didn’t bother to post about it.  We’ve just been enjoying our reading too much.

In Underworld, Ferus attempts to locate other Jedi at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.  It isn’t until he gets inside that he realizes he’s walked into a trap.  The Empire has spread rumors about the Jedi prison, luring free Jedi to their death.  In a sinister scene, Ferus encounters a room full of lightsabers, representing all those who’ve been caught so far.

Ferus and Trever then try their luck at finding a group of people called The Erased, those who’ve shed their identities and gone into hiding on Coruscant from the Empire.  They hear of a place called Solace and make it their goal to find it and see if any other Jedi are left.  In this adventure we encounter Dexter Jettster (diner owner) and a group of various other Erased.  They agree to accompany Ferus and help him with his mission.

The group makes it down to the crust of Coruscant, many levels deep, and finds someone to guide them to Solace.  What will happen next?

Another interesting thread to the story is the relationship and rivalry between Malorum and Darth Vader.

Rating: 4 Stars


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The Berserker

Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi: Dark Warning by Jude Watson

Dark Warning-w

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The boys and I have finished Dark Warning, the second book in the Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi series.  Book number three is waiting on a library shelf for us to come pick it up.  As usual, the book kept my boys nestled in close, listening spellbound to the action going on in this galaxy far, far away.

In this story, we pick up where we left off with Obi Wan, Ferus, and Trever.  They’re still on the run from the Empire, but learn that there may be other Jedi still alive.  Ferus has to learn how to work with The Force again, and see if he can pass the test to become a full Jedi.  His own doubts are the most difficult thing for him to overcome.  Obi Wan and Ferus have success in finding another Jedi and two more people (Toma & Raina) to join them in their quest to find and harbor fugitive Jedi.  The end of the book finds Obi Wan returning to Tatooine, and Ferus continuing his quest to locate the last remnants of the Jedi and bring them to a safe haven.  Ferus can’t understand why Obi Wan would turn his back on the Jedi, for some secretive mission.  Though the two worked together for a time to help plant the seeds of the rebellion, they must now part ways and pursue their own objectives.

Rating: 4 Stars


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Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi: The Desperate Mission by Jude Watson

Desperate Mission-w

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The last chapter book that the boys and I read together was Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi: The Desperate Mission. It’s a novel for kids, with the story taking place while Obi-Wan is on Tatooine watching over Luke.  At this point in time Luke is a baby or toddler and Obi-Wan, advised by Qui-Gon Jinn, is able to leave on another mission.  He attempts to track down Ferus Olin, a man who left the Jedi order before he became a full Jedi.  Ferus is living on a planet called Bellassa, and leading an underground group that is fighting against the Empire.  Obi-Wan’s mission is to find Ferus and escort him to safety.  Ferus has a major part to play in the formation of the Rebel Alliance.  What exactly he will do, we’re left to guess.

My boys very much enjoyed the book and were caught up in all the action and intrigue.  You’ll meet some familiar characters, and some you’ve never heard of if you’ve only watched the Star Wars movies.  It’s a fun read-aloud if you have kids who are into Star Wars.  We’ve already started the second book.  Presumably we’ll find out what happens with this Ferus guy.

Rating: 4 Stars

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LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded by Hannah Dolan, Elizabeth Dowsett, Clare Hibbert, Shari Last, and Victoria Taylor

LEGO SW Character Encyclopedia

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LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia is an updated version of the previous book by the same title (minus the updated and expanded part).  It is a fun book for any child (or adult) who is really into LEGOs and Star Wars.  My boys love it!

It details each of the Star Wars minifigures that have come out through the years.  Each page contains the kind of trivial facts that LEGO Star Wars fans will enjoy and appreciate.  The photography and book design are great.  The only problem is that the binding tends to split rather easily because of the insert in the front that holds the exclusive minifigure.

If you buy it new, it comes with an advanced version of the white Boba Fett minifigure.

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Lori & Slime