The Seeker: The Dark is Rising – Movie 2007

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Since I just finished reading The Dark is Rising, it seemed fitting to watch The SeekerThe Seeker is supposed to follow the story from The Dark is Rising novel, not the entire book series.  It only loosely follows the story, however, and changes many of the details.  In my opinion the changes were not for the better, and I felt that they really took away from the story.  A few of my pet peeves:

1. Will is made out to be fourteen instead of eleven, which really makes a difference in terms of attitude.  In the book he’s still very much a kid with a sense of innocence about him; in the movie he’s an angsty teen.  Angsty teens kind of annoy me.

2. Will’s family dynamics are completely changed in the movie.  The number, ages, and gender of several family members have been changed, and the lovingness and general bonhamie enjoyed in their family life is all but eliminated.  Will’s parents are made out be rather indifferent, and his brothers almost bullies.

3. The Old Ones are almost impotent in the movie.  Merriman’s character in particular loses its power and likeability.  Will is made out to be the one who possesses the most power and he’s portrayed as almost a savior.

4. The timeline is greatly condensed in the movie.  Will is given five days to find the signs and defeat the Dark.  Come on–that is so divergent from the book!  Part of the charm of the book is seeing the young characters come into their own over an extended period of time.  That’s completely lost in the movie.

5. The way in which the Dark is portrayed is not very impressive.  The Rider works with his rooks, the help of a witch, and bewitches one of Will’s brothers for a time.  That’s it.  The book has so many more characters who side with the Dark, and more impressive displays of the strength and pervasiveness of the Dark.

6. Major parts of the plot are completely changed.  Not necessarily bad in itself, I just don’t see the point of it.

7. There is an extended scene which uses a strobe light effect.  If you have issues with watching that sort of thing, be prepared.  I couldn’t watch it because it messes with my eyes too much.

Overall, the movie was just okay.  If you don’t care about it following the book, you may be a little more forgiving than I was.

Rated: PG

Rating: 2 Stars


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