The New Baby by Mercer Mayer

New Baby-w

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The New Baby is another book that I enjoyed as a kid.  In fact, this is the very copy that I read back then, with my name printed inside the front cover.  I loved, loved, loved this book.  Maybe it was because of the cute baby, maybe it was the fun illustrations, maybe it was the goofiness of it.  Or maybe a combination off all three.

In this book Critter gets a new baby sister.  He tries to interact with her, but discovers that there are many things she isn’t able to do yet.  However, he also discovers that she can do some fun things like cuddle, laugh, and go for a walk in her stroller.  At first Critter is a bit put off by her stinky diapers and crying, but he learns that babies can be enjoyable, too.

This is a good book for a child who is expecting a new baby in the house.  The text is very short and the pictures are great!

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Ten in the Bed by Penny Dale

Ten Bed-w

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 Ten in the Bed is a very cute sing-song story for younger kids.  It’s about a little boy who goes to bed and keeps kicking his stuffed animals out when he rolls over and pushes them out.  When all of his animals have left the bed, then he starts to feel lonely and calls them back in.

The illustrations in this book are what really make it.  You can see how the little boy is just being rough with his animals and purposely throwing them out of bed.  They, in turn, go to the kitchen to look for a nighttime snack.

I’ve read this with all of my kids and it’s been a great book for cuddling together and sharing warm fuzzies.

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The Donkey’s Christmas Song by Nancy Tafuri

Christmas Song

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The Donkey’s Christmas Song is a really simple Christmas book for kids.  It’s about the animals welcoming baby Jesus at his birth.  There are doves, a cow, goats, sheep, chicks, mice, and a donkey.  The donkey is shy because he thinks his “song” will be too loud.  However, the baby really likes it!

My favorite part was when the donkey and baby Jesus cuddled.  I would recommend it for toddlers and younger kids.


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